What is WIAL?
The World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) is a company that helps solve urgent and important business challenges.
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World institute of Action Learning

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It’s time for a new perspective on your “Problem Solving Meetings”!


Unlock better productivity within your team.


Enhance creativity, innovation, and teamwork.


Increase employee satisfaction rate.

WIAL in the Words of Our Clients

  • Action learning made everyone open to sharing. The openness the willingness to teach and also to learn and listen. Despite that I am not really a trainer or in the HR or learning department, I learned a lot from everybody, both life experiences and work. I learnt how practical it is to immediately use it to solve small challenges and change the culture in the company to become more open, more proactive, make everyone more collaborative and transparent in their work.

    "Foundations of Action Learning" Pioneer Workshop
  • A very good problem solving tool and application can be for personal to corporation. We really went into it to help the problem presenter, everyone was focused on helping them. If we keep our preassumptions aside and refrain from giving our opinions and making statements, being careful on asking more open ended questions we actually can help someone realise their own solutions rather than we . its like helping someone to help themselves. So yes, I can definitely use this.

    Air Asia
  • In coaching it more personal - one to one - and sometimes you are sucked into the emotions of the other person, sometimes it is hard to detach. The good thing about AL is that we gather as a team to help someone to solve their problem without emotionally draining ourselves in the problem alone but with the team effort we look at different angles. Sometimes we have a competency in mind to develop ourselves. Two in one! Help a person while helping ourselves.

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