If you are ready to become a Certified Action Learning Coach, and have completed the Foundations Workshop, sign up for the certification program. These two sessions (totaling 5 days) will cover many what-if scenarios. Participants will be required to start an Action Learning program within an organization. Projects and discussion will center around successes and challenges faced by the coach. These additional four days provide participants the skills and experience they need to function as Action Learning coaches in a variety of challenging situations.


Applicants must have completed the 2 day Action Learning Coach Foundations Workshop.


  • When to do an intervention
  • The appropriate questions to ask
  • How to keep participants focused
  • How to handle dysfunctional team behaviour
  • Preparation for an Action Learning Program


  • Conduct 2 Action Learning Sessions outside the workshop
  • Demonstrate ability and confidence as a coach
  • Demonstrate ability to determine various bases for intervention
  • Complete 5 what ifs scenarios
  • Submit the reflection paper based on the certification requirements


Candidates passing the assessment will be awarded the “Certified Action Learning Coach” Certification by the World Institute for Action Learning – Global (WIAL) Certified Coaches will also be listed on the WIAL website

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