Overview of WRC 2017

 In WRC2017

An overview of the conference :

5 Pleanary, 2 activities, 3 breakouts, 2 networking sessions.

Pleanary Speakers :

  1. Dr.Mike Marquadt (AL and It’s Impact in Leadership Development in a VUCA World)
  2. Dr. Bea Carson (Triple Value of Action Learning: Breakthrough Solution! Team Development! Leadership Development!)
  3. Nadiah Tan Abdullah
  4. Ron McLuckie (Complete Business Turnaround Case Study)
  5. Tan Sri Dr. Palan Phd ( Accelerating Leadership Development through Action Learning)

Breakout Sessions

A Track

  1. Dr. Mike Marquadt (AL and It’s Impact in Leadership Development in a VUCA World)
  2. Mr. Jayan Warrier
  3. Ron McLuckie ( Impact on Leadership Skill with AL)

B Track

  1. Dr. Bea Carson (Triple Value of Action Learning: Breakthrough Solution ! Team Development! Leadership Development!)
  2. Colin Yeow (Cognitive Collaboration- Working Smarter in VUCA Economy)
  3. Peter Cauwelier (Team Psychological Safety – What Google discovered about High-Performance teams)

C Track

  1. Wai K Leong (Team Coaching)
  2. Prof. Loredana ( “Action Learning – A Sustainable Bridge Between Academia and Industry)
  3. Faz Kamaruddin ( The AirAsia Action Learning Journey)



Coaches Networking Session (CNS) – Connect, Create, Celebrate

5th April 2017

6.00 pm – 8.00 pm @ Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur


Additional cost :

Post Event program - LWQ: Leading With Questions WIAL Approved Certification program delivered by Dr. Marquardt for attendees who have completed their Foundation and CALC (Certified Action Learning Coach).

Participants of this 1 day post-conference program will be certified to deliver the “Leading with Questions” program.  The following resources will also be made available at the end:

  1. Ongoing access to the 3-hour podcast of Trainers LwQ
  2. The “Leading with Questions” book by Dr. Marquardt and the LwQ workbook
  3. Certification for WIAL CALCs to teach this course
  4. Access to slides and workbooks for use and reprinting
  5. Credentials  listed on the WIAL website


For those who have completed Foundations and/or CALC:

  • RM 1,200.00

Date & Venue: 8th April 2017  : Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur


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